Ben BeckwithBen Beckwith is a guitar player and singer of inspiring and meaningful songs of various styles, including rock, folk, blues, soul, reggae, etc. He also plays classical guitar and blues piano. He has played solo and with friends at Harvard Square, MBTA stations, Cambridge Open Studios, Farmer’s Markets, Open Mics, The Boston Greenfest, Environmental Group events, Parties, A Time Trade Circle Event, and other performance venues. Rebecca taller

Rebecca Booth-Fox is the Founder of Voices of Harmony.  Rebecca has been participating in choirs for 25 years, singing a broad range of styles including classical, a cappella, gospel and spirituals. In 2010 Rebecca became inspired to harness the power of music and conversation to bring the people of Boston together across the perceived boundaries of race, class, neighborhoods and cultural backgrounds. Voices of Harmony is the realization of that idea, a choir that incorporates meaningful dialogue about issues of community and diversity. Rebecca loves working at Big Sister Boston and is also nourished by her involvement in the communities at the YWCA, and Community Change Inc.

DaraDara Cheek is a Boston-based visual artist with a long history in local choirs including Sing Positive, Mystic Chorale, and The Coolidge Corner Community Chorus. She joined Voices of Harmony in 2010 to become more active in social justice efforts and to engage with other casual singers in her community. Outside of singing, Dara organizes artists/entrepreneurs interested in building business skills and a an creative community, travels internationally as much as possible and volunteers with shelter cats at the Ellen Gifford Sheltering Home in Brighton, MA.
hayyimHayyim Feldman has been singing for over 60 years with and without partners, but Voices of Harmony, which he joined in 2015 and has co-coordinated for the 2017-’18 season, is his first choir since elementary school. He is thrilled that it welcomes the full global range of musical streams that nourish him in body and soul. He has raised goats and a pig, pruned apple trees, made music, done day labor, taught, organized, counseled, and written one amazing song. He is retired now, but not sure from what. He tries to keep his wife happy, learn and teach some Torah, build solidarity through uncomfortable encounters across potentially divisive boundaries, and keep his heartstrings tuned to G!d.  Jonathatn Gilbert

Jonathan Gilbert (music director) acquired a taste for intentional and inclusive community as an adolescent attending Quaker youth retreats. He has also made music since childhood, with a history of ensemble singing and playing that includes brushes with professionalism—collaborating with Eric Bornstein’s Behind The Mask Theatre; recording with Diane Taraz and with The Gloucester Hornpipe & Clog Society.  He learned choral conducting while a music major at Earlham College, and later studied early music recorder at The Longy School of Music.  Outside of music, Jonathan is a library assistant—and has previously been a computer programmer, a flute headjoint maker, a full-time parent, and a boffer-sword instructor.  He joined Voices of Harmony in 2017.

Alexandra Gubin has co-coordinated Voices of Harmony during the 2017-18 season and has sung in a variety of groups in the past including choruses, barbershop groups and singing parties.  By day, Alexandra works as a research psychologist doing program evaluation for non-profit organizations.  By night, she spends time with her family, trains her dog, and explores creating a podcast about rounds and canons.

Sara Krachman


Elsie Louis
is from Haiti She came to America in the year of 1994 and bought a hair salon business. While she was searching for something fun to do she met Paula Korman, an English teacher, who introduced her to VOH. She joined and found herself to be comfortable singing wiht the people of VOH

Jim Propp

Jim Propp loves to sing; he sometimes comes up with memorably annoying ditties and inflicts them upon his children (he and his wife have two) or his students (he has a hundred), ostensibly for their own good. Before joining Voices of Harmony, he sang for many years with Sharing A New Song and traveled on tour with them to South Africa and Louisiana. Jim enjoys percussion and recently studied taiko with his nine-year-old daughter, though most of his percussion these days is of the dinner-table variety. Jim enjoys writing songs (mostly rounds), and boasts that there is no song that he cannot turn into a song about his dog Maggie.

Paula Korman
Paula Korman
Pete Lawrence Pete Lawrence
Ramya Ramya Parasuram

Although no longer active members, these wonderful people helped make Voices of Harmony what we are today.


Simon Hong


 GinnyPortraits 002Ginny LaCrow


 SaraSara Krachman



Dana Tilkin


Allison Short


Elizabeth Redlich (Lizzy)


Michael Hochlerin 2010-2015


Desirae Vasquez 2013-2015


Harlem Logan 2011-2015


Pooja Parameswaran 2013-2015 


Kavita Sukerkar 2013-2015


Marvin Brow 2013-2015

Lisa Marie Garver, Music Director 2012-2014

Lisa Marie Garver, Music Director 2012-2014


Geraldine Barney 2014-2015 


Amrutha Rajiv 2014-2015 

María Christina Blanco 2010-2012

María Christina Blanco 2010-2012

Colleen D.

Colleen D. 2013-2014

Lynn Holmgren 2011-2012

Lynn Holmgren 2011-2012

Sarah Watts 2011-2012

Sarah Watts 2011-2012

Isaure Mignotte 2010-2012

Isaure Mignotte 2010-2012

Debbie Cawley 2010-2011

Debbie Cawley 2010-2011

Robin 2012

Robin 2012